I had a very unique opportunity in high school, one that very few students ever get. I had the privilige of attending New Albany High School (Class Of '91) in New Albany, Indiana. This school, part of the New Albany/Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation, is home of the first high school radio station in the world, WNAS-FM. WNAS signed on the air in 1949, and continues to broadcast to a 50-mile radius of Southern Indiana with 2,850 watts, and they now have a cable TV channel on the local cable system. I served many capacities during my short time at WNAS, including Operations Director, Public Service Director, and self-appointed Weather Director.

The times I spent at WNAS were some of the most memorable of my life. I met some lifelong friends, gained invaluable experience that would help me land future jobs in broadcasting, and had moments that I will treasure forever. I wish to thank my mentor, Lee Kelly, the General Manager of WNAS, for his encouragement and support throughout my time at NAHS.

You Tube WNAS clips playlist

Here are just a few highlights from those days for your enjoyment:

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